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Aspire Money Loans
Aspire Money Ltd is an experienced loan broker who most people will be familiar with through their core brand as served at Citrus Loans is another popular trading name whilst they also use Opal. The owner was incorporated in late 2007 although Aspire’s Facebook page notes formation in November 2005. They were originally based locally to us in Stockport, but now operate from Dudley. The contact number of 0161 350 0670 suggests that they still have a base across Manchester though. In the products area there are targeted loan pages for unsecured, secured and funding for cars. It is the Aspire personal loans that we’ll be looking at here.

The headed amounts are £500 up to £25,000 on terms of 1 to 5 years. The same longer term borrowing is seen over at Citrus. A vague interest range is headed as 6.4% to 299% APR. It is stated that they look to 20 lenders to source the best deal. There are no specific named lenders. There is no broker fee charged. They instead operate on affiliate schemes and so will count on commissions for successful leads. On the homepage of they target 3 areas of excellent, fair and bad credit. The latter notes CCJs, defaults and late payments. The only main requirement asked for is that applicants must be earning a pay packet of £800+ monthly.

The site itself has received a major recent overhaul. They had historically used a green theme for their design and logo, but have now switched to use orange. They do encrypt applications and aim to deliver same day turnarounds. Aspire’s opening hours are Monday to Thursday (9am to 7pm), Friday (9am to 6pm) and Saturday for just a few hours between 10am and 2pm. This broker has experience on their side and they do invest a lot in advertising although this is not on the same scale as Cashflex or Cash Lady. It is surprising that they don’t choose to target the instalment loan sector that has become big business since payday price capping went through in 2015.

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Data Taken from March 2017.