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Cash Asap Loans
Cash Asap was unveiled by Apfin Ltd back in 2012. As the result of minimal advertising since launch, this company hasn’t become that recognisable across the sector. This is a shame since they offer one of the most flexible services around today. This flexibility is seen in both the accessible amounts and the terms. First time users can receive between £50 and £300 with the ability to select the sum to the exact £1. The cap when returning is increased to £750. On a past check they did actually begin from £20 onwards, but this has been increased now. Any repayment day of your choice can also be selected between 1 and 35 days.

A “Multi Month Loans” section has recently been added at that also brings the option of a 3 month term, this time starting from £100. This addition plus the specs (£1 + daily increments) are matched to Wonga. The pricing comes in just a little under the cap. A £100 7 day loan would cost £5.56 whilst over 30 days the cost is £23.84. For the new £300 option, the charge would depend on when you are next being paid. When setting the repayment schedule over 90 full days the charge calculated at £154.23. There is a Cash Asap promo code button on the application form. We couldn’t track down any codes though.

An interesting initiative is their #pricecheck promotion. What happens here is that if you are declined with them and on the same day you can manage to get funded elsewhere at a cheaper cost then they’ll pay out however much was due to be charged on interest. You must reply to their rejection email with a credit agreement and send eventual confirmation that it was fully repaid, but it is worth giving it a try. There is a Cash Asap login facility built into the site where applications are processed 7/7. The opening hours are Monday to Friday (8am/9pm), Saturday (8am/7pm) and Sunday (9am/7pm). Finally, they have taken on BCCA membership.

Pricing Examples…
£5.56 /£100 (7)
£23.84 /£100 (30)
£154.23 /£300 (3)

Data Taken from January 2017.