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Cash Kitty Loans
Cash Kitty had originally existed as one of the main trading brands of 9Global Inc. They are headed in California (San Bruno), but have also had an office in London. There was a vast range of 9Global brands circulating such as Asap Payday, Find the Finance, Quid Squid, The Money Finders, WageDay Finders etc. The brand in focus and also Now Payday were the most successful brokerage projects. Cash Kitty was launched in 2012, but then closed alongside every other asset when 9Global’s FCA permission ended in 2015. The site was later registered from fresh in September 2016. The new listed owner is William Ellis Sinclair. This broker team that is based in Bridgend has been keeping busy.

Some of their other trading names include Cash Funds Direct, Sure Money UK and TreeHouse Loans. The designs across all sites are always well designed. This is especially the case with Kitty’s. When landing here applicants can access between £100 and £5000 across a range of flexible terms of 1 month up to 2 years. There is no loan calculator provided, but in the rates area they do share the example of £400 over 90 days coming in at £161.92. This would translate as £121.44 per £300. This is likely just a ballpark estimate since we aren’t aware of any lenders that charge this. Most top instalment firms who are likely partnered usually charge between £130 and £150.

No such lenders used are specified, but it is common for brokers like this to assign leads to PingTree systems that would include a range of all of the most well known loan providers. This broker provides clear service info, they encrypt applications and their design is one of the more stylish creations around. This broker doesn’t show any contact info other than an email address. They ask visitors to instead take up support with whichever lender has been matched. We did notice an opt-out button that suggests that they have tested out email or text messaging in bulk. Other than this we haven’t seen any big ad spends online as seen with Cashflex.

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Data Taken from February 2017.