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Cash Lady Loans
Cash Lady (aka CashLady) is one of the most recognisable broker brands famed for their controversial TV ads. It was naturally seen as an irresponsible choice to opt with Kerry Katona as the brand mascot due to her past bankruptcy. This contract would of course come to an abrupt end when Kerry Katona entered bankruptcy once again. She bizarrely went on to launch her own gambling venture ( The Cash Lady loans were launched in 2011. They now operate from, but had started out on the extension. The owner trades through this company and also KwikCash who themselves have benefited from a TV ad campaign. FlexCredit was a further project that has now closed.

The owner (Money Gap Group Ltd) is based in St Albans. They date back to 2008 originally under Milarco Ltd. Most people will be familiar with them as PDB UK Ltd that they opted to change in late 2013. MGG has remained successful, processing over 15,000 leads every week. Plenty of business will be generated through the featured company. Here they have primarily targeted short payday loan terms, but with many lenders switching to the instalment side, they too have had to follow the trend listing up to 6 months. What’s strange on the application form is that you don’t choose a term. You also have to type in how much you’d like to borrow.

They mark £80 to £1000 in brackets on the form. For some reason on the homepage it states that up to £750 could be yours. In the pricing area they display the example of £24 per £100 over 30 days. For £300 they show £154.20 (3) and £295.92 (6). These examples are used for illustration purposes only with the charges being set by whichever lender is matched. Whilst no providers are named, on the owner’s corporate site they display badges for some of their partners that includes Mr Lender, MyJar, PaydayUK, Pounds to Pocket, Swift Sterling and Wonga. Some of these actually lend higher amounts than £1000. PaydayUK and Pounds to Pocket for instance head to £2000.

Cash Lady Plus was a tool that was developed that enabled your bank account to alert them when your funds were running low, but this has now been discontinued. Applications are securely processed through There was previously a handy login area fitted here, but this is also now a thing of the past. The opening hours noted in their contact section are Monday to Friday (9am/6pm), but elsewhere on a page they note 9am to 5pm. At the bottom menu buttons there is an Alternative Options button that’ll take you to pages where you can apply for a credit card, guarantor loan, logbook loan etc. It is surprising that they aren’t giving this area more visibility.

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Data Taken from February 2017.