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Debt Managers (DMPay)
DCAs That Chase Financial Debts:
Debt Managers (Services) Ltd is owned by Secure Trust Bank Plc who are part of the Arbuthnot Banking Group, although Arbuthnot have sold of a portion of their stake. Secure Trust are well known as being the previous owner of Everyday Loans that has now been sold on to Non-Standard Finance in a £235 million deal. Debt Managers that was established in 1976 had been acquired back in 2013. Their main corporate site is and then they have DMPay over at for debtors. This Rotherham based DCA has less than 200 staff, but they have always been a strong performer with collections and so it was no surprise that they were snapped up.

Debt Managers (Services) Ltd operates across a range of diverse markets such as financial, retail, telecoms and utilities. They also focus on commercial arrears. They have been known to work in partnership with rival DCAs. This has included Arrow Global and Aktiv Kapital (now rebranded as the PRA Group). This firm does purchase accounts and they even extend to repossessions. There hasn’t been that many high profile creditors known to use them. A few key banks have though such as Barclays, Lloyds Bank and Santander. NPower has been partnered for utilities, but other than this it would appear that there is a greater focus on commercial arrears rather than on consumer.

Their web popularity stats are impressive. They won’t be too far away from becoming a top 10 DCA over the coming years. The backing of their owner will also help. Forum discussions tended to suggest that they are rather vague with initial point of contact. This would be through a letter or a text message with few details on what they are chasing. Those that wish to settle arrears can head to DMPay to make a quick secure payment. To pass through the login just enter the reference number. To discuss an account you can call them on 01709 758400. Their call centre’s opening times are Monday to Thursday (8am/8pm), Friday (8am/7pm) and Saturday (9am/1pm).

CSA Member: Yes.

Data Taken from March 2017.