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Fredrickson International (FredPay) @

Fredrickson International (FredPay)
DCAs That Chase Financial Debts:
Fredrickson International Ltd was established back in 1992. They soon became one of the sector’s larger collectors. It was however in 2013 when they really made their mark when they were taken under the wings of Lowell. This deal also included the sale of SRJ Debt Recoveries who have since ceased trading. The Leeds-based Lowell Group today is made up of over 1100 team members. They have acquired in excess of 14 million accounts. Fredrickson’s contribution to the Group is around 300 staff. They have more than 45,000 customer interactions per day and around 30,000 customers have joined up for FredPay that is their login portal for debtors in place at

Freds is used on the corporate side at Their local base is situated in Surbiton. This DCA is involved in such markets as retail and telecoms, but their financial coverage is of interest here. Historically, they had ties with the now defunct lender MiniCredit. In the modern day they however distant themselves from high cost credit providers. They mainly chase arrears from banks for loans and overdrafts. This has been on the behalf of Nationwide, NatWest and Santander. Banking credit card arrears are also chased up where they have also worked with specialist firms like Capital One, Egg and MBNA. Obviously, Egg has since closed and Capital One may no longer be related based on their subprime focus.

Outside of financial they have been known to partner with Tesco Mobile, Thames Water and even HMRC. They only chase debts with the purchasing running on the Lowell side. With payments, the FredPay login is one of the better developed platforms from a collector. To settle an outstanding debt you just need to register entering your reference number plus other details. Getting in contact may be the first port of call for many debtors. There are a range of phone numbers set by the particular market. For credit cards this is 0345 839 6212 and for loans and overdrafts it is 0345 839 6073. Their hours of business are Monday to Friday (8am/9pm) and Saturday (8am/4pm).

CSA Member: Yes.

Data Taken from March 2017.