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Hoist Finance UK (Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited) @

Hoist Finance UK (Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited)
DCAs That Chase Financial Debts:
There has been a high volume of web searches via Google for the term Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited. In recent years, forums have been littered with complaints and questions regarding this firm, especially across 2016. Just what is the reason being this surge in interest and who is the company itself? This is what we’ll be looking at here. The actual entity (FCA #652220) is no longer active and so the search spike should drop across 2017. Hoist Finance UK is however active, but they just purchase accounts and pass these on to Robinson Way. When those forum posts were mounting up, there was confusion on who to contact and there was no website to follow up.

The common issue raised was people checking up on their credit report only to spot a default under Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited. This was mostly related to financial debts (usually old accounts). Santander was a frequent creditor that included Alliance & Leicester that they merged. The subprime credit card provider Vanquis was also spotted as was Welcome Finance who commonly crop up elsewhere. As well as financial there was a few mail order debts. As expected, the DCA was pushing for the collection. This is where we saw county court claims. The usual legal link was with Howard Cohen & Co Solicitors and MKDP LLP. The latter is part of the same group (Sweden’s Hoist Finance AB).

The site for MKDP at now just redirects to Debtors were frustrated since this firm had as noted no site and contact details were lacking. They were based way out in Jersey and via the FCA had their licence cancelled, as was the listing for the first company “minus the 2”. Their authorised licence moving forward has been Hoist Finance UK Ltd where is a site at As it stands they don’t chase through this company, but rather buy the accounts and then pass to Robinson Way who were acquired in 2012. If it is the case that there is a change in business direction then we’ll come back to update this listing.

Hoist’s phone number is 0161 743 2400. The historic numbers for the Portfolio arm was 01534 719166 and 0161 935 2233. The assumption is that they had purchased a ton of old financial debts on the cheap that were close to becoming statute barred. They would have then been in a big frenzy to earn a return on these accounts that peaked throughout 2016. This may have boosted their profile considerably, but it hasn’t helped their reputation that had been positive across their various European locations served. Robinson’s deal was followed up by the purchase of the Lewis Group and recently the Compello Group and so it is clear that we’ll be hearing much more from them.

CSA Member: Yes (under new company).

Data Taken from March 2017.