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H&T Finance Loans
The H&T Finance loans were launched in 2015 by the market leading pawnbroker H&T (Harvey & Thompson). Their roots head all the way back to the year 1897 making them also the oldest firm in the pawnbroking game. The product on offer here is a highly flexible one with repayments starting from just 3 months. This extends all the way up to 24 months. The set amount of funding for all customers is £50 up to £1000. This product is available online through and also across their vast retail network of 190 stores. For those looking to apply in person, you’ll need to take in with you some ID, a bank statement and a payslip.

One advantage with their store lending is that they have a range of further products on offer. There is for instance a BuyBack option for those with some collateral to get through the month. Other financial options include cheque cashing, pawnbroking, gold buying etc. The pricing of the H&T loans per £300 borrowed is £134.40 (3 months) and £178.32 (6). For £1000 over a full year the charge would be £843.20. From glancing at these prices it would probably be advised to opt for their 6 month term where they compare well against the competition. Some time back, they did offer a payday loan that was charged monthly at £22.20, but this has been discontinued.

There is a H&T login button shown on When you click this you’ll be redirected over to Their business hours are not listed, but we received confirmation when asking their support team. The hours run as Monday to Thursday (8am/8pm), Friday (8am/6pm) and Saturday (9am/5.30pm). This is one of the most responsible lenders around noting their trio of trade association memberships that are held with the CCTA, CSA and the NPA (pawnbroking). The market leader in this space is one of the only firms to offer both unsecured loans online and in-store. Most rivals stick with secured pawn loans these days. The main exception to this is The Money Shop.

Pricing Examples…
£134.40 /£300 (3)
£178.32 /£300 (6)
£843.20 /£1000 (12)

Data Taken from March 2017.