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Kabayan Finance Loans
Kabayan Finance is a direct lender geared at the Filipino community. This company was incorporated in 2009 and they began trading in 2010 at They have attracted a loyal army of customers over the years. You get to see this on Facebook where they have almost 7000 fans. One of the strange occurrences with this lender is that despite being FCA authorised, they haven’t updated their payday loan to meet the required cap of 0.8% daily. The cost of a £100 30 day loan is packaged at £20 interest, but there is also a £5 Faster Payments fee. The total £25 here is higher than the limit of £24. Surely they’ll have to sort this out soon.

Pricing isn’t an issue on the instalment side where they actually compare very well against the competition. Here they offer between £300 and £1000 over 3, 6 or 12 months (payday is £100 to £1000). The £300 instalment charge is £109.94 (3) or £154.94 (6). Each of these prices rank within the top 10s for best sector deals. Things get a little more pricey over a year where the cost per £1000 borrowed is £905. There is a Kabayan Finance login area, but this has not worked for a long time now. There has in fact been a notice since 2015 of this issue where they have simply asked customers to give them a call.

When contacting, Kabayan’s opening hours are Monday to Friday (9am/5pm) and Saturday (10am/2pm). These times have been cut back a little (they did close at 7pm during the week). This flexible service has gone down well with their target audience. They haven’t managed just yet to attain mainstream success, but without pouring money into advertising this is always going to be challenging. Bad credit applications are considered, but they only accept applicants aged at 21 or above. Full time employment is also required with a monthly income of £1000+. The feedback studied was supportive and BCCA membership has been taken on. Hopefully, they’ll get around to updating that short term rate and fixing that login.

Pricing Examples…
£25 /£100 (*above legal cap)
£109.94 /£300 (3)
£154.94 /£300 (6)
£905 /£1000 (12)

Data Taken from January 2017.