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Lending Stream Loans
Lending Stream loans has been available since 2008. They also trade as Drafty (opened in 2016) and are owned by San Diego’s Global Analytics Holdings Inc. From checking the corporate site the customer base was headed as 370,000+ with 1.3 million loans funded in total. This is credited as the first high profile lender to focus on instalment terms. When they did arrive the industry was dominated back then by payday loan firms. When applying at the user will be placed on a 6 month contract. The option is however there to settle up early. If this was done over a single month then the charge would be £24 per £100.

First time applicants are offered between £50 and £800. With an account in good standing the top available sum increases to £1500. There has been a series of changes when it comes to pricing, but as it stands the current charge for £300 would come in at £275.52 that is one of the more pricey market options. This lender did previously offer 24/7 customer support. This has since been stripped back to 8am to 10pm (7/7). They do however issue 24/7 deposits that would be applicable to existing customers making the request through the Lending Stream login at The option is as noted also there to settle up early for those that require a shorter term.

This is one of the UK’s most well known instalment loan lenders with great visibility through TV and web advertising. We can see Drafty becoming a greater focus over the coming years. The 6 month charge on that side is just £97.20 rather than £275.52 here. It would be difficult to get the green light there though with bad credit. Their basic requested wage is £1250, whilst it is just £400 here. LS is a BCCA member and they are the current top ranked loan provider at the Review Centre. They are obviously incentivising there though since they have more than 3100 reviews, whilst the market leader (Wonga) has just over 350.

Pricing Examples…
£275.52 /£300 (6)

Data Taken from January 2017.