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Lucas Credit Services
DCAs That Chase Financial Debts:
Lucas Credit Services Ltd was incorporated in 2010 and their launch followed in 2011. This is very much a Lewis Group revival noting the Directors Nicola Dyer and Nick Ramsden who had each worked there right from the 80s up to 2011. The founder (Dr Roger Lucas) also worked at Lewis and was notably the president of the CSA for a few years. That collection agency has of course now ceased trading. Hoist Finance had acquired and then opted to fuse it within their existing operations. LCS has less than 50 employees, but despite being small they have grown very quickly in the short time that they have been in business.

This Bradford-based DCA has been chasing up arrears in the markets of financial, telecoms and utilities. It is more likely that a financial account will be involved though. It is common to see the name Vanquis name cropping up a lot plus also the instalment lender MyJar (both recent and for old TxtLoan debts). A few other creditors of note are BT and Sky. There has also been a common affiliation with Lowell. We’d assume that they are chasing up Lowell’s junk debts. LCS are not purchasing accounts. They just chase, but they do extend to court action. There was an amusing screenshot posted of a collection letter on the GetOutofDebtFree forum.

This had an oversized print of a 30% discount offer when paid within 14 days. This type of correspondence is usually a sign that they aren’t confident that they’ll see a dime! There are 2 Lucas Credit Services websites. The main company URL is There is a pay online button here that’ll redirect you across to They use SSL here, but there was an error when we visited the page. Due to this, if you are thinking of paying then you may prefer to arrange this by phone. Their listed phone number is 01274 957060 and their operational hours are Monday to Thursday (8.30am to 8pm), Friday (8.30am to 6pm) and Saturday (8.30am to 1pm).

CSA Member: Yes.

Data Taken from March 2017.