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Moorcroft Debt Recovery (MDRL)
DCAs That Chase Financial Debts:
Moorcroft Debt Recovery is the UK’s most recognisable collection agency. They are also one of the largest organisations with more than 1000 staff employed across the Group. This Stockport-based DCA was established in the year 1985 and this valued experience has helped them to build relationships with many major creditors where debts are purchased in bulk. Their progression has reached a level where they are at any one time assisting more than 1 million customers to help clear their debts. The Group’s corporate site is, but most people will be familiar with their customer built site at MDRL itself stands for Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd. They sometimes just abbreviate as MDR.

This has been the agency of choice for leading brands across the markets of financial, retail, telecoms and utilities. Many local governments have also built alliances. Moorcroft’s approach has been to purchases accounts from said big creditors in bulk at cheap rates that their competitors haven’t in most cases been able to match. Securing financial contracts has certainly been a key focus. From the subprime loan companies previously studied here they have acquired accounts from the major lender Wonga. WageDayAdvance is a further high profile connected firm. Subprime credit card arrears from Vanquis have also been taken on. Then there are the big banks that has included Barclays (+Barclaycard), Halifax, HSBC, NatWest and RBS.

Collections have also been common for the likes of Argos, British Gas, BT, EE, NPower and Virgin Media. Initial contact is by post and if they have a phone number they’ll try to contact this way. Home visits follow and in some cases they’ll soon proceed with court action. The aim is a full settlement or to reach an agreement on an affordable repayment plan. Payments is where MDRL comes into the equation. The Moorcroft login access requires a 12 digit number plus DOB. To discuss an account you can call 0330 123 9765. This can be done 7/7 during the hours of Monday to Thursday (7.15am/9pm), Friday (7.15am/7pm), Saturday (8.30am/4pm) and Sunday (10am/3pm).

CSA Member: Yes.

Data Taken from March 2017.