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PiggyBank Loans
PiggyBank was the creation of DJS (UK) Ltd who are based in Christchurch. This project was rolled out in the year 2012. Their initial approach taken was to focus on short term peer-to-peer lending through This concept proved unsuccessful not just here, yet also at The Lending Well. Whilst that other company opted to close down, a simple change in direction was taken here, when they adapted to lend themselves. Whilst Piggy’s growth took its time, things would eventually start to swing in their favour. There has been a notable surge in Google search for many big keywords. At the same time they have now released 2 TV ads (in 2016 and 2017).

They are now one of the most visited payday loan lenders, even receiving more visits than PaydayUK. Customers are welcomed here with a highly flexible set of repayment options. A short term loan can be selected between the range of 7 and 35 days. To spread out the balance, you can instead opt for instalment terms of any month between 2 and 5. The PiggyBank loans span from £100 to £400 on initial borrowings. The potential returning sum extends to £1000. When instalment periods are selected there are however limits in place. This runs as £150 to £500 (2), £200 to £600 (3), £250 to £800 (4) and £300 to £1000 (5).

Piggy’s pricing throughout the month meets the cap head on at 0.8% daily (£24 per £100 monthly). The rate drops over the extended monthly options. The opening hours are Monday to Thursday (8am to 7pm), Friday (8am to 4.30pm) and Saturday (9am to 1pm). This popular lender is a good choice whether you are seeking a short or longer term loan. They score well at the review site Feefo and with their advertising efforts you can only see them progressing further over the years ahead. The only really thing lacking is coverage on Sundays and perhaps dropping below 0.8% daily for terms within the month would help them to stand out further.

Pricing Examples…
£5.60 /£100 (7)
£24 /£100 (30)
£155.01 /£300 (3)

Data Taken from March 2017.