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Pixie Loans
Pixie Loans Ltd is based in Douglas, Isle of Man, although they have a local postal address in Bingley. They are licensed to offer loans in Isle of Man and the UK. They developed across 2013, with the full web launch following in May 2014. In their opening year they became a popular industry newcomer, but this would turn out to be more of an initial spike (likely through early profiling on several review sites). They did start out offering both short term and instalment loan options. The repayment within the month was later dropped and they now stick with 1, 2 or 3 months. First time borrowers can get hold of between £150 and £650.

At a later date as much as £1000 can be obtained. The rates of interest are fixed to meet the cap. £100 isn’t available, but this would calculate as £24 monthly as we have seen with so many payday firms. The £300 3 month charge is £154.24. There hasn’t been many recent service changes. One thing that we did notice was a change with their opening hours that have been cut back to Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm. The previous times were 8am to 8pm and they also opened on Saturdays for a few hours (9am to 1pm). A Pixie Loans login area is built within their website that is vibrantly styled.

This CCTA member appears more strict than your average firm requiring full employment with at least £800 hitting your account each month. Pixie’s early growth as noted helped to put them on the map. We can recall studying Google search engine data that showed plenty of people making brand related searches each day. Things seemingly went quiet after that first year. For instance, their last Facebook post was a New Year wish at the end of 2014. It is clear that the UK sector requires aggressive advertising that hasn’t been implemented here so far. There isn’t really much of a market to gun for in Isle of Man that has a similar population to that of Burnley.

Pricing Examples…
£48 /£200 (30) (split: £24)
£154.24 /£300 (3)

Data Taken from January 2017.