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Quick Loan Shop Loans
Quick Loan Shop is the core brand of The Quick Loan Shop Ltd who are based in High Wycombe. The owner’s full title is used at that has been serving the UK since 2012. Outside of this, recent projects include Miss Payday, Sunshine Credit and Wee Loans. As well as lending, they broker through LenderSeekers and The Lenders List. The featured service has focussed on offering payday loans over the years. They have however recently added a secondary product catering longer terms. For the single month the amounts available are £100 to £500. The extended option sees terms spanning 3 to 12 months with this time a starting sum of £400 and upper limit of £2000.

The standard monthly charge is £24 per £100. For instalments, we compare at £300 and they start from £400 and so their £600 charges work out at £152.28 (3) and £281.10 (6). These costs split as £76.14 (3) and £140.55 (6). For a full year you’d be looking at £957.20 per £1000 borrowed. It is clear that the 3 and 6 month choices are where you’ll find the best value. There aren’t actually many cheaper solutions over these headed periods. The sister brand (Sunshine Credit) was recently launched in 2016. The value on that side is improved where there is a small monthly fee of just £12 and so you pay half the price.

The Quick Loan Shop loans can be fully serviced online. When you enter the site the encryption may not trigger on its own. If so, simply add https in the browser yourself (Update: SSL is now fixed). Logins and SSL are currently not used at the other lending brands. You also don’t get the chance to select instalment periods. This company is a member of the CCTA trade association. They aren’t one of the most well known firms around, but they haven’t advertised to a great extent, with their comparison sites acting as their main route for new business. From viewing their FCA page, they do actually have various other projects listed, but those we checked up on weren’t live.

Pricing Examples…
£24 /£100 (30)
£152.28 /£600 (3) (split: £76.14)
£281.10 /£600 (6) (split: £140.55)
£957.20 /£1000 (12)

Data Taken from September 2016.