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Quidie Loans
Quidie Ltd was incorporated in summer 2012, but it wouldn’t be until early 2015 that the Quidie loans would launch. Since this time this lender has enjoyed steady growth. When heading on to for the first time you’ll see the flexible slider, but as the slider marks and as specified in the FAQ, you are merely selecting your next pay date. Here it notes a full range of 3 to 38 days (they extend to the following month if your payday is soon approaching). This lender is quite picky with who they choose to take on. Bad credit is not considered and there is also a minimum age requirement in place of 21.

Residents of England or Wales must receive regular paid employment to qualify, but there is no set wage. First time and loyal customers can choose a loan between £100 and £400. Each amount across the range rises in £25 increments. The price is set to match the cap head on and so when borrowing £100 over 30 days you’ll be charged £24. There is a Quidie login built within the site. Applications were previously processed here 7 days a week, but there has been a downgrade on this. The new opening hours are Monday to Friday between 9am and 8pm. This provider may be rather picky, but responsible lending practices are always important to see.

Quidie has gone on to solidify trust by taking on a member place with the CCTA. On the flipside, whenever a firm like this arrives and imposes greater requirements, you do at least expect to see some kind of reduction on the pricing, but 0.8% daily interest needs to be paid by all. The removal of weekend funding hasn’t really helped their cause further. It may be the case that we’ll see service upgrades over time. There was a hint of this in a past press release that discussed that they would be considering expanding into a more flexible service. No changes have been seen just yet, but we’ll keep an eye out for any updates.

Pricing Examples…
£24 /£100 (30)

Data Taken from January 2017.