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Robinson Way (RobWay) @

Robinson Way (RobWay)
DCAs That Chase Financial Debts:
Robinson Way Ltd is an established debt collector today part of Sweden’s Hoist Finance AB. This deal went through in 2012 for a reported £30 million. The Hoist Finance UK subsidiary followed up with acquisitions of the Lewis Group in 2013 and the Compello Group in 2015. The DCA in focus has been a big sector player for many years now. They have been in business since 1974. Their home site address is, whilst RobWay is used for debtor payments over at This Salford based business has around 200 staff. One such team member of distinction is Jamie Hesford who was awarded as Credit Today’s Consumer Collector of the Year in 2014.

They had a field division called Chase Solutions, but this was sold on to Winterhill Largo Plc. Financial debts are primarily chased here, although they also extend to retail and utilities. There has been historic banking relationships with the likes of the Lloyds Banking Group through both Halifax and Lloyds. Further banks have included NatWest and Santander. Tesco has been another high profile creditor and on the subprime side they have been linked with the likes of Morses Club and Welcome Finance; the latter has of course now closed. British Gas has been a common utilities partner. This firm collects arrears, but they don’t purchase them. The actual debt purchasing runs through Hoist.

Robinson Way have been known to head down the legal route and so it will be important to settle any balance owed. This is where RobWay comes into the equation. This portal has been crafted to a high standard with lots of added resources built in. Before making a payment a debtor must enter the RobWay login that is unlocked by entering the reference number and surname. The reference number should be attached to any letters or you can get this from making a quick call or sending an email ( Their listed phone number is 0800 121 6902 and this their office hours are Monday to Friday (8am to 8.30pm) and Saturday (9am to 4pm).

CSA Member: Yes.

Data Taken from March 2017.