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Savvy Loans
Savvy is the lending arm of Valour Group (UK) Plc. This was actually a rebrand rolled out in 2014. Before this name they used Lightning Loans and had even used Valour before Lightning. It has been tricky to pinpoint original launch dates. We’ll aim to get confirmation on this. The Savvy loans did include a 12 month term and then select customers were offered a shorter 6 month period. They have recently adapted to headline a much wider range of 6 to 24 months. There are a number of term restrictions though that you’ll find out when using their calculator. This will depend on which amount is selected between £200 and £3000.

For repayments we see, £200 to £400 as 6, £425 to £850 is 12, £875 to £1500 is 15, £1525 to £2000 is 18 and £2025 to £3000 is 24. With pricing, £300 over 6 is doubled (£300). We usually aim to identify £1000 examples over a year. This wouldn’t be possible here (15 would be required). When doubling a £500 charge we see £499.96 that turns into £999.92. It is clear that the prices are set at a premium with the costs almost doubling. They are also rather strict. Whilst bad credit is considered, within their FAQ they state that they usually ask for scanned copies of your bank statements and payslips.

There is a Savvy login area in place at They don’t share their opening hours here, but times are displayed on their Facebook page. This is Monday to Thursday (8am to 7pm), Friday (8am to 5pm) and Saturday (10am to 2pm). Some facts and figures are shared by them such as 465,500+ processed applications and 20,300 paid out loans. There was a TV advert video posted on their YouTube page back in September 2016 and so they are expected to have a good year in 2017. Valour has been otherwise known for their brokerage service known as Best4Loans. This has recently been replaced by Money Hotshot where they compare a range of financial products.

Pricing Examples…
£300 /£300 (6)
£499.96 /£500 (12) (doubled: £999.92)

Data Taken from January 2017.