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SkyQuid Loans

SkyQuid loans have been doing the rounds since 2014. This project that you’ll find at is owned by Sunny Marketing Ltd. London-based Sunny was established in 2011 and they had got up and running in 2012 with the launch of 100Pounds. That is a short term product, whilst instalments are catered here. When initially heading on to the homepage they alert visitors that they don’t do sliders, how long etc. Instead, they’ll come back to offer you whatever your credit status enables. This isn’t really a good way to boost conversions as it’s important to compare just what’s up for grabs. There are at least a few details added regarding the potential amounts and terms.

The SkyQuid loan limit will initially be set anywhere between £100 and £500. On reloaning this limit can be extended to £1000 for those with a well maintained account. The noted repayment range spread is 2 to 6 months. Early settlements can be made. Since there is no calculator it is tricky for users to compare how they score on pricing. A single example is displayed by them. This is shown for £250 over a 3 month period at a cost of £124.29. This calculates as £149.15 should £300 be borrowed that is fair value. We have no idea just what the 6 month charge would be. This may double up or there may be an interest reduction.

All applications are processed between Monday and Friday from 9am to 6pm. The instalment options here are more attractive than the terms in place at On that side there is a fixed term initially for £100 over 10 days. When a customer successfully repays this on time they’ll be advanced to the options of £200 over 20 days and then on a further return the final limit of £300 over a full month becomes available. Whilst the structure changes the daily rate is always fixed at 0.8%. 100Pounds is more well known that you’d expect from their extra few years active. Both aren’t that well known though as the result of minimal advertising.

Pricing Examples…
£149.15 /£300 (3)
No estimate for 6m

Data Taken from March 2017.