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Sunny Loans
The Sunny loans brand was unveiled back in 2013. This was a rebrand of 1 Month Loan that was formed in 2004. The original firm was launched by Fortress Group (UK) Ltd who were sold on to Think Finance Inc who have since changed their name to Elevate Credit Inc. Elevate operates in the United States as Elastic and Rise. Whilst is now the sole trading brand in the UK, they did also previously trade as Quid that was active at Whilst that site has remained live, once you reach the application stage they inform visitors that they are no longer operational and to head over to this company.

There hadn’t been much hope that Quid would continue to lend as they have continued to display the same monthly charge of 29% that is above the legal limit that was put into action in early 2015. The loans site is professionally designed in a vibrant yellow and white theme. The all-important service on offer was one of the more flexible solutions on the market. There are however now greater restrictions imposed with the term being set by how ever much funding you require. The range is £100 to £1000 (6m), £1100 to £1500 (7m), £1600 to £2000 (9m) and £2100 to £2500 (14m). Despite the fixed repayments, they are happy for customers to settle after a month.

For short terms you pay 0.8% per day. The interest is cheaper over the extended terms, but the Sunny promo code can’t be applied over 6. With the promo discount the monthly charge is £21.60. For a saving at 6 months or less simply enter (SUNNY10) on the form. This is for first time applicants only. A quick loan can be received 7 days a week when you apply during their opening hours that are Monday to Thursday (8.30am/7pm), Friday (8am/5pm) and Saturday to Sunday (10am/3.30pm). Once approved, users can manage their loan through the Sunny login at This lender is relaxed as far as eligibility goes, just requiring a monthly wage of at least £500.

This is a trusted lender with CFA membership and high praise from reviewers on Trustpilot. It helps that they charge no fees and hand customers with the option to back out of a loan 5 days after signing the agreement. Most people will have been introduced to the brand from viewing one of their TV adverts that have been rolled out aggressively since launch. Advertising online has also been extensive and they have good search engine rankings for a variety of big money keywords. On the pricing examples shown below, just remember that any term at 6 or less is possible under the assumption that you go on to make a full settlement at the correct time.

Pricing Examples…
£24 /£100 (30)
£154.24 /£300 (3)
£295.91 /£300 (6)

Pricing Examples with Promo…
£21.60 /£100 (30)
£137.99 /£300 (3)
£262.87 /£300 (6)

Data Taken from October 2016.