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The Money Shop Loans
The Money Shop is the market leading high street lender originally formed in 1996. TMS today operates through the subsidiary of Instant Cash Loans Ltd that is a division of DFC Global Corp who acquired the firm in 1999. You may be familiar with other popular projects they took on including PaydayUK and Payday Express. This company has had a troubled time on the high street in recent years. At their height they had 550 stores in total. The network as it stands has however been chopped down to around 230. It was only in 2015 when direct lending got under way at The route before this was to redirect users on to Express/PDUK.

This online service offers between £100 and £2000 on a complete range of 3 to 12 months. They no longer offer short payday loans although you could settle up early for a saving. There are amount/term restrictions imposed depending on how much you want. If this was for instance £2000 then the minimum repayment would be 5 months. To quickly run through the costs, on the instalment side per £300 the charges are £110.97 (3) and £143.04 (6). £1000 per year is priced at £807.56. Their instalment costs are more competitive than the options of their fellow DFC brands. A recent introduction has seen The Money Shop personal loans added at specific shops.

Up for grabs here is between £2010 and £5000 spread over as long as 3 years. There is no calculator on this dedicated page with just a headed APR of 84.9%. This personal option on a past check was only available at select branches. On checking now this has been extended to 51 stores and so it is likely to continue being rolled out. When heading to a branch there are various other services pitched such as cheque cashing, pawnbroking and travel money. When viewing their site you may notice the guarantor loan section. They are however merely acting as a broker here for George Banco. They do the same thing for a pre-paid card with Cashplus.

A Money Shop login is added at and their opening hours are Monday to Friday (8am/7pm) and Saturday (9am/4pm). If you are a returning customer then you can access funding outside of these times. They run deposit times hourly from 4am to Midnight every day. This CFA member has a good market reputation. They don’t advertise to the level expected for a major lender. This has really been due to price capping that was the reason behind their network being downsized. This is DFC’s key asset here in the UK. It isn’t flagship worldwide though with Money Mart taking that title over in Canada and the USA. They have various other projects running across Europe.

Pricing Examples…
£110.97 /£300 (3)
£143.04 /£300 (6)
£807.56 /£1000 (12)

Data Taken from November 2016.