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Uncle Buck Loans
At the time of this posting in early 2017, there was a notice on the apply page that this company wasn’t currently accepting applications. This has been the case for around 2 weeks. As we are aware, this is a temporary issue, but frequent checks will be made to see if there could be a potential closure on the cards. There has of course been other high profile closures as seen for instance with Cash Genie and SafeLoans. The Uncle Buck loans brand was established by Steve Murray back in 2004. They have operated over the years using a few different domain extensions (such as .tv), but now stick with the freshly revamped

Uncle Buck Finance Llp had until recently been operating through other trading names. This included RedWallet, VarioLoans and WagedayXpress that were brought under the group when Ancora Capital Ltd was acquired. This trio of companies have now been sold on to RevUP Media Llc (they are a broker). Buck’s service over much of their history has been the provision of monthly payday loans. They now stick with an extended 3 month term. The accessible amounts are £100 to £500 on initial applications and £1000 max when returning. The cost of a £300 3 month loan depends on when you are next being paid. When setting the schedule 30 days ahead the charge was £145.51.

The opening hours are Monday to Friday (8am/8pm) and Saturday (9am/3pm). Depositing times are however noted as being transmitted hourly between the hours of 8am and midnight 7 days a week. In this instance, a Sunday payout would only be available to an existing customer. All such users can manage their loan with ease through the Uncle Buck login facility. This BCCA member has plenty of experience behind them and so it would be a shame if there does turn out to be a closure. Some readers may recall the ITV documentary “Cash in Hand! Payday Loans” that focussed on their collections department. It was reported here that they were issuing around 12,000 loans each month.

Pricing Examples…
£145.51 /£300 (3)

Data Taken from January 2017.