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Wescot Credit Services (PayWescot)
DCAs That Chase Financial Debts:
Wescot Credit Services Ltd is a major debt collection agency spread across 3 locations. They have an office in Hull and 2 further Scottish offices in Glasgow and Saltcoats. They collectively have a workforce of 650 staff who are dealing with over 5 million account holders each year. This agency was originally formed as Wescot Credit Services (Scotland) Ltd between 1983 and 1988. Their roots do however head back further to 1973. Their company site is found at Those chased up for debts owed are however guided to PayWescot that you’ll find at This DCA operates across the sectors of financial, retail, telecoms and utilities. Financial has been their area of expertise over the years.

They have stayed away from subprime arrears and instead focus on banking. Relationships have impressively been made with all of the Big Four banking groups. This includes 1) Barclays (+Barclaycard), 2) Halifax and Lloyds Bank, 3) HSBC and 4) NatWest and RBS. Santander debts have also commonly been chased up. It is clear where the bulk accounts are generated, but at the same time they have worked with big brands like British Gas, O2 and Sky. This has been one of the largest collection agencies over their many years in service. Only Lowell and Moorcroft are larger players in the recovery of consumer debt. They have historically purchased accounts, but their model has now changed.

They are today simply managing the accounts on behalf of the creditor. Legal action wouldn’t follow, but through lack of recovery the account would likely be passed on elsewhere. Debtors are advised to arrange a manageable repayment plan here. With payments, there is no Wescot Credit Services login built within PayWescot, but there is a secure payment page. To proceed a reference number must be entered that will begin with “DM”. This will be attached to any letter received or you can call them to get this. Their advisors can be reached on the number of 0148 248 4673. This line is live during the week (8am/9pm), on Saturdays (8am/4pm) and Sundays (9am/4pm).

CSA Member: Yes.

Data Taken from March 2017.