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WizzCash Loans
WizzCash has been trading since back in 2012. This company is a trading style of Emergency Cash Ltd who are based in London. It didn’t take long for this lender to make a big impact on the subprime scene. They honed in on delivering 3 month loans through and this has been a niche where they have enjoyed great success. At the time, most instalment companies targeted 6 month loan leads that came in higher volume. Wizz has benefited along the way from having a strong search engine presence for a range of big money terms. This was seen for instance with “Payday Loans” where they have always tended to rank highly on that 1st page.

Over time they added a 12 month term to their service, but this has since been dropped. First time applicants must opt for £300 over 3 months. On reloans the upper limit increases to £1000. The £300 charge over the fixed term comes in at £155. A WizzCash login is integrated to the site. Applications are only processed here during the week between the hours of 9am and 5.30pm. They did previously require all applicants to be aged at least 20. This has been relaxed to 18 so long as there is a take home pay of £750. In the FAQ it states that they’ll need to contact your employer, but just to check that you work there.

WizzCash’s early traction in the sector was impressive to witness for a newcomer. They were soon mixing it up with the biggest lenders out there. As it stands today, they have maintained a strong search engine presence and we also saw a TV ad campaign in 2016. Without such promotion it would be tricky for this firm to progress. This is more to do with increasing competition in the sector from lenders like Satsuma and Sunny. Wonga now also targets the same instalment period. This CCTA member has a lot going for them, but it would be an essential step forward to extend to weekends. We’re not too sure also why they removed the full year repayment option.

Pricing Examples…
£155 /£300 (3)

Data Taken from January 2017.